How to Mind Map by example

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Congratulations! You know how to Mind Map and are now ready for your first Mind Map using the Mind Map Principles and the Seven Steps

You are going to create a Mind Map describing a tangible object first. In this case you are going to create a Mind Map of a car. You can Mind Map your own car, or any car if you don't have one. 

I've provided a Mind Map Template of a car, as an example of a mind map. Categories are already filled in as a starting point. Use it as a framework to kick start your Mind Map.

There is also a blank template, in case you want to try Mind Mapping another car, or any other tangible object.

The key to Mind Mapping an object is to think of categories into which you can divide the characteristics. e.g. Size, colour, shape, etc.

Here is a Mind Map of my car:

Mind Map Examples - Car

Do it now!

Use this Mind Map example and other Mind Maps examples to help you become an expert at using Mind Maps. Start building your archive full of examples of mind maps by using the template below to get you started.

Mind Map template:

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