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Learning a language with Mind Maps can not only be fun, but also very effective. Learn English Grammar with Mind Maps and you will transform the way you learn and remember the Grammar Rules.

While there is a lot of English Learning Software and English Learning Books on the Market, using Mind Maps to Learn is the most effective way to learn English, or to learn any language.

A few years ago, I moved to The Netherlands (Holland) with my family, as a professional I.T. practitioner.

While most Dutch can speak English, Dutch is still their first language. All their personal conversations and most of their business communication is still in Dutch.

I therefore had to learn Dutch - quickly!

I bought various Language Software packages, Language Books, Language CD's - and they all helped me.

But what helped me the most was using Mind Maps to learn the language.

I created a framework of Dutch Grammar, which guided me through the learning process. Unknown to me at the time, I actually created a Mind Map Tutor to help me learn this new language.

In my daily encounters with the Dutch, I realised that they could use a Mind Map Tutor to Learn English Grammar as well.

Back in South Africa, English is not the mother tongue of the majority of the people in the country. The same goes for the rest of Africa, a large portion of Europe, South America and the Far East. Yet they are forced to communicate in English.

It is with this in Mind that I have developed a set of Mind Maps to Learn English Grammar, or more specifically, an English Grammar Mind Map Tutor.

The format will be in our popular Mind Map Tutor format. It will also involve an interactive Mind Map workbook, which gives you a thorough guide in our unique way. Like all our interactive MindMapTutors, you are at the centre of the learning process.
You can add you own thoughts, tips and opinions as you go along, ensuring that you are fully engaged when learning the language.

The Learn English Grammar Mind Map Tutor is designed to be used in conjunction with your current program. It therefore assumes you have a basic command of the Englsih language, but are struggling with some of the grammar.

It is suitable for:

  • Children from Senior Primary onwards
  • High School Students
  • English Second Language Students
  • Foreign Nationals required to learn English
  • Anybody that wants to brush up on their English Grammar
The English Grammar Mind Map Tutor has now been launched and is available for immediate download.

You could also get hold of our popular Learning Management Program, which guides you through the learning process - no matter what subject you are learning.

Understanding English Grammar
Using Mind Maps when learning English Grammar ensures that Understanding English Grammar comes naturally and effectively.

Grammar Online
How searching for Grammar Online can disappoint.

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