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Origins of UsingMindMaps.com

UsingMindMaps.com was developed in response to our experiences in using and teaching Mind Maps for more than two decades.

We found that the problem in today's information world is no longer too little information, but too much.

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The first thing people turn to when wanting to know something is Google. Many of them believe the information found on Google to be true, not realising that there are tons of good AND bad information out there.

We have therefore chosen to keep our site very specific. We will focus on Mind Maps and learning how to learn using Mind Maps. All the material and articles we provide are geared to teaching and tutoring you to be better at using Mind Maps.

The result will be better Mind Maps and Mind Maps that conform as far as possible to the laws devised by Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps. You will also be able to use Mind Maps as the tool to help you manage the tons of information out there.

During this process, we have developed the concept of a MindMapTutor, which consists of ready to use Mind Maps augmented with plain, simple, easy to read text.

Faizel Mohidin

I am the writer of most of the material as well as the technical person behind the website.

I do this because Mind Maps, Mind Mapping and learning new things are my passion. I am currently employed full time and do this after hours.

I am a Senior Manager at one of South Africa's retail chains and I head up the Business Intelligence section of the company.

My background is in Information Systems and spent many years as a programmer, data base administrator, data base designer and now management.

I introduced Mind Mapping to the company I worked for many years ago and now Mind Maps are used in everything from project management to running meetings.

I have also done Post Graduate studies in Business Management and used Mind Maps extensively in assignments, studying and exam writing.

Even the concept of this website was done using Mind Maps.

Jasmine Mohidin

Jasmine is the Education Specialist behind everything that we do. Jasmine started her career as a high school mathematics teacher. Her teaching background forms the core of everything that she does.

She is currently an Education Specialist in the South African Parliament.

A few years ago, she decided to get a second tertiary qualification. She always had a passion for people and their behaviour and embarked on a degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

She completed her degree as well as her Post Graduate studies, which she achieved Cum Laude.

All this was done part time while being a mother, a wife and a career woman.

Mind Maps are definitely one of the Key Factors of her success.

She successfully used Mind Maps in the classroom and used Mind Maps as her primary, and sometimes only, form of notes for her students.

A lot of the material we provide is based on her experience in the practical use of Mind Maps, both in the classroom and in her personal studies.

In summary, we have more than two decades of tried and tested Mind Mapping experience between us. We have successfully applied Mind Maps in the Education, Business, and Career world as well as in our Personal lives.

We hope that you can learn and gain from this experience.

Faizel and Jasmine Mohidin

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