Are you are subject matter expert?

Then become a Using Mind Maps Associate Author

Using Mind Maps Associates

If you are a subject matter expert and ever dreamed of being an author, or earning a passive income with your expertise, then read further...

We have a unique opportunity now available to you as a subject matter expert.

You can produce a Mind Map Tutor in your area of expertise and sell it via our Marketing Engine.

We use the unique approach of SBI! to build our website. We believe that this approach is the best system to build credible websites that sell.

The process is quite simple and works as follows.

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1. Content

We provide unique free content on using Mind Maps to learn faster and easier on our website, This content has been researched and is based on over two decades of applying and using Mind Maps to not only learn but also teach others. This expertise has been shared on our website and continues to grow as we add more and more unique content.

2. Traffic

The content is written for both human visitors and the search engines. This drives lots of traffic to our website. Not just any traffic, but traffic that is looking for what we have to offer. Visitors are therefore already interested in our content.

3. PreSell

As visitors are already interested in the topic, it is easier to PreSell them with good content. Good content will get them to read further, bookmark us and even share our information with friends and family. This builds up credibility and trust. As first time visitors don't know us, they won't just buy products. They need to feel that we are the 'real deal', which we are!

4. Monetize

After clicking on various pages and links, visitors with a trust in us visit our sales pages and eventually the sales page of your product. At this point in time, they are ready to buy. And if you have what they need, they are going to buy from you. Ka-Ching!

Note that money comes at the end of the process. If you are committed to delivering high quality products that benefit your customers, then our system will work for you. Our philosophy is to deliver high quality information, processes and products that will enable visitors to learn faster and easier using Mind Maps. If you feel you can buy into this, Contact Us Now to find out how you can come on board.

What you need to do

If you are a Subject Matter Expert, then think whether you can create a summary of your subject. Perhaps you can create a few summaries of various topics on your subject.

If you think this is possible, then have a look at our Ebook on Creating and Using Mind Maps to Learn Faster and Easier.

This should give you an indication of whether you could create a Mind Map Tutor on your subject. Don't worry, we will coach you along the way.

If you are still interested, contact us so that we could explore your idea and see how we can take it further.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page and that doesn't help, Contact Us. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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