Understanding English Grammar can be confusing...

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Most English classes and Grammar textbooks are elaborate, but complicated, works. Most people find it extremely

difficult to understand all the Grammar rules and syntaxes, as English is quite a difficult language to learn.

I've seen people with English as their mother tongue struggling with Understanding English Grammar.

I have found that putting together a Mind Map Tutor of the Grammar rules, terminology and syntax is a great help in learning the language.

Interestingly, I got this idea when studying Dutch during my stay in The Netherlands. I wanted to get a Dutch Second Language Diploma and within a year I was able to do so. I had to do four exams: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Besides all the books, CD's and classes, a Mind Map overview of Dutch helped me tremendously.

I found that by having a visual overview of the language in Mind Map format, with detailed Mind Maps for each section, enabled me to understand the Grammar better. It did not just serve as a memory tool - it was actually a great tool to help me understand the grammar quicker and easier.

When trying to understand English Grammar, I recommend you follow the same strategy.

Put together an overview of the grammatical structures that you want to learn. For each of the branches, put together a detailed Mind Map expanding on the overall structure.

Understanding English Grammar must start with a bird's eye overview and then drill into the details.

Your Mind Map will not only facilitate understanding, but also memory. By remembering the rules and how they are related will put the knowledge into your long term memory. You will then be able to recall it better when you need to apply the grammatical rules.
An interactive English Grammar Mind Map Tutor is now available. It is targeted at anybody that is learning English. The MindMapTutor is suitable for English First Language students from Pre-Primary to High School. It will also be perfect for anybody studying English as an additional language, or if you simply want to brush up on your grammar. It will also serve as a great reference, as the Mind Maps naturally act as a quick index.

if you are not sure how Mind Maps can help you in your learning, or if you simply want to learn faster and easier, have a look at our Learning Management Program.

The program is in an affordable Ebook format and in an Interactive Mind Map Workbook that puts you at the centre of the learning process.

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