Our recommended Mind Map Books...

The books on our recommended reading list will enable you to get a deeper insight into Mind Maps and Mind Mapping. Many of them have been written by the inventor of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan.

We encourage you to read as many books on the subject as you can. Having a good library on the subject will enable you to review and reference the principles and techniques whenever you want to.

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Use your Head

Use your Head was the book that introduced me to Mind Mapping and the Mind Map Organic Study Technique. Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps, introduces you to your brain in his unique way. If you want to learn more about how wonderful your brain is and how to get the most out of it, this is a definite requirement for your library.

Since 1974, "Use Your Head" has been translated into over 27 languages, has been published in five continents and 100 countries, has sold well over a million copies and still the demand increases! "Use Your Head" will: teach you the vital skills of learning how to think and learn; increase your creative thinking and problem-solving capacity; enable you to make the best of your brain; and provide you with both the confidence and the means to fulfil your own mental potential.

The Mind Map Book

The Mind Map Book takes you through the principles and laws of Mind Mapping in Tony Buzan's unique way. If you want to get a deeper insight into Mind Mapping then this book is a must on your bookshelf.

The book was a collaboration between Tony Buzan and his brother Barry Buzan and the collaboration has brought about a unique book on the subject.

It is also beautifully illustrated and provides a list of illustrations throughout the book that show the note taking methods of the 'great brains' of the world. You too could awaken the genius in you with the help of Mind Maps!

The Mind Map book shows you why Mind Maps have been called the 'Swiss army knife for the brain' and why it is a ground-breaking, note-taking technique already used by more than 250 million people worldwide. This book is largely responsible for Mind Maps taking the educational and business world by storm.

Use your Perfect Memory

This book introduces you to your Perfect Memory. Many scientists believe that our memory is actually perfect. All you need is the correct trigger to trigger the recall of the information.

Use your Perfect Memory introduces you to memory systems that can be applied to anything from lists to remembering people's names and faces.

The techniques are based on principles that are hundreds, or even thousands of years old, but perfected and packaged for easy consumption.

With just a little effort you can dramatically improve your memory.

The book also introduces you to Tony Buzan's major system, which allows you to remember thousands of items.

Dreams, jokes, speeches, exams, names, places... All are covered in this amazing book.

The Speed Reading Book

Speed Reading may sound like an impossible dream.

How can you read faster and improve your comprehension at the same time? While this may sound like a paradox, Tony Buzan shows you how you can achieve this.

Firstly, by pointing out the mistakes you are probably making with your current method of reading and, secondly, showing you the methods and reading skills that will help you overcome those problems.

While Tony Buzan is more renowned for Mind Maps and Mind Mapping, his Speed Reading Book nicely complements your Mind Maps and Mind Mapping skills to maximise the use of your brain.

The current World Speed Reading Champion reads at over 3,000 words per minute!

You can learn the same techniques that the Speed Reading champions of the world use by purchasing The Speed Reading Book.

Are you still using the same reading methods you used in Grade One?

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