How to Mind Map in Seven Steps...

How to Mind Map in Seven Steps

Take the time to learn how to Mind Map with these seven steps, and use the Mind Map principles to guide you.

  1. Start in the centre of a blank page
  2. Turn the page sideways
  3. Your brain has more freedom to spread out in all directions
  4. Use an Image or Picture for your central idea
  5. An Image is worth a thousand words
  6. It stimulates your imagination
  7. It is more interesting
  8. It keeps you focused
  9. It helps you concentrate
  10. Use Colours throughout
  11. Colours are exciting to the brain
  12. Colours add vibrancy and life to your Mind Map
  13. Clours add energy to your creative thinking
  14. Connect Main Branches to the central image
  15. Connect second and third level branches
  16. The brain works by association
  17. The brain likes to link things together
  18. Linking the branches creates structure
  19. Make your lines curved
  20. Straight lines are boring
  21. Curved branches are attractive
  22. Use One Key Word per line
  23. Single Key Words give your Mind Map more power and flexibility
  24. Each word or image creates its own associations and connections
  25. Each Key Word is able to spark off new ideas and thoughts
  26. Phrases dampen this triggering effect
  27. Use Images throughout
  28. Each image is worth a thousand words
  29. 10 images will give you 10 000 words!

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Try to memorise these seven steps. Use the Mind Map overview of the seven steps to help you remember. I hope that you've noticed the inclusion of Mind Maps in our articles. This enables you to get used to seeing things in both a linear and Mind Map format and therefore allowing your brain to adjust without any effort on your part.

You are now armed with all the knowledge to do your first Mind Map using both words and images. If you want to, you can either review the principles and steps again, or go on to the next article and use the Mind Map example to create your first Mind Map.

Learning how to Mind Map with our short, easy articles and Mind Map examples will make you a Mind Map expert in no time.

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