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The iPad brings with it a whole new way of working with many applications and using Mind Maps on your iPad is no different. While the tablet computer has been around for a while, there has never been this kind of demand for tablets - and it's all thanks to Apple! Introduction of the iPad has created the biggest 'gadget frenzy' ever witnessed.

Well, I simply had to get my hands on one and test Mind Map Software on it, as creating Mind Maps on a tablet seemed very appealing. The first application I tested was iThoughtsHD, so I am particularly biased towards it, but everything that I say about it is true!

But, in all fairness, it offers great functionality and great value for money. The Mind Maps are very easy to create and they look visually appealing. I also feel more comfortable doing a Mind Map with my fingers on the iPad than I do on a laptop, or desktop, computer.

While computers give flexibility and make the re-organisation of the Mind Maps very easy, they just do not have the 'feel' of a hand drawn Mind Map. iThoughtsHD changes all of this and creating Mind Maps on the iPad becomes very intuitive and fun.

All the normal Mind Map Software functions are there, and among other things it can do the following:

  • Use images from the built in library or from your own photo library
  • Draw boundaries or clouds around branches to group them visually
  • Add symbols, codes and numbers
  • Add relationships between branches
  • Link Mind Maps
  • Change the shape of branches
  • Expand and collapse branches
  • And much more...
Before you think that I am an iThoughtsHD salesperson, I must state that I am not an affiliate for the product (unlike some of the other Mind Map Software on our website), but I simply think that it is great software that will increase the productivity and fun that you will have with your iPad, but also create some serious Mind Maps for big projects.

But the best feature of all is the ability to import and export the Mind Map into a multitude of formats. I've always battled transferring Mind Maps from one software package to another. With iThoughtsHD, all you have to do is choose the formats and email it. It emails the Mind Map in all the formats you specify and also includes a great text summary. You can then open it on your desktop using your favourite Mind Map Software, or even use an OPML (Open Processor Markup Language) editor. I use a product called Scrivener on my Mac for big writing projects and it imports the OPML file into an outline without too much effort.

I trust that this short review gives you some insight into Mind Map Software on the iPad. I will be doing a few other reviews on Mind Map Software for the iPad, so keep a lookout for them.

For easy iThoughtsHD guide, have a look at the video below:

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