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While I was toying with the idea of a Magazine for the Mind Mapping Community, I bounced the idea off friends and family only to find that they could not conceive what I was talking about.

Most still buy printed copies of magazines in areas that tickle their fancy. Granted, the number of magazines they purchase per year has dropped, but most still like the idea of a few magazines lying around the house that could be picked up and read when and where they want to. (Sometimes in the smallest room of the house).

Even though magazines and tablets were made for each other, as a beautiful, glossy magazine renders extremely well on a tablet, digital magazines still haven’t really taken off. And I can understand why. 

Too many people have been exposed to software and applications that call themselves magazines, but are just a digital collection of posts, similar to a blog, but more visually appealing.

They are simply not magazines.

Getting a magazine on your tablet device has also traditionally been just too difficult. You most likely need to click on something, download and wait before you can read the magazine. It’s not just ‘there’ for you read when and where you would like.

What is a Magazine?

Given this information and the fact that I wanted to give you a Magazine Experience, I asked myself what constitutes a magazine. 

Or simply, what makes something a magazine?

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • A magazine focusing on a topic you are passionate about
  • A magazine is just lying there, ready for you to open and read
  • You can flip through a magazine, browsing before you read
  • Magazines are beautiful, with a good combination of images and text
  • Magazine articles are not long, boring academic texts
  • Magazines layouts are easy on the eye
  • Magazines have different authors with different opinions
  • Magazines make you think
  • A Magazine sometimes challenges you
  • Magazines are periodic in nature
  • Magazines are released in regular intervals
  • A Magazine can make you feel cooler, smarter or improve your lifestyle
  • A Magazine is a treat
  • A Magazine informs, inspires and enriches your life
  • A Magazine is made by someone else that you trust
  • A Magazine is a curated item
  • A Magazine expresses different opinions
  • A Magazine is a finite thing
  • A Magazine is something for a quite half hour
  • A Magazine is something you buy
  • A Magazine has a cover
  • Being regular, a magazine is something you can subscribe to
  • A magazine is something that is hard (and expensive) to make

If the above are qualities of a magazine, then Using Mind Maps is definitely a magazine.

But it’s a magazine with a twist.

Imagine having a magazine that:

  • You could interact with
  • Has Video, Audio, Images and Text
  • Has links to different websites
  • Takes up no shelf space
  • Is automatically delivered to you, even when you sleep
  • Lets you know when a new issue is available
  • Allows you to contact the experts

Something Special

Put all these characteristics into one pot and you end up with something very special. And, this is exactly what we did!

So, try the magazine experience on your iPad today and see if some, if not all, of the above expectations are met.

Using Mind Maps Magazine is a platform where Mind Mapping Experts and Mind Mappers can meet to share ideas, thoughts and opinions so that their Mind Mapping Experience can be enhanced.

Download Your Copy today and experience the magazine experience for yourself.

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