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October 2013

Problem Solving

Editor's Note: Spaced Repetition

The October 2013 Issue is our Largest Issue to date. I considered leaving some of the content out, but just couldn’t. The main theme this month is on Problem Solving with Mind Maps. The Authors provide some great insight into the topic. The different ideas and opinions are exactly what I am trying to promote in the Magazine.

So, if you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, get your copy now, if you haven’t done so already. Don’t worry, non-Apple fans, I will have something for you soon.

Below are some excerpts from the current issue, with links to the Author websites, where you can get lots more tips and techniques on Using Mind Maps.

Excerpts From This Issue:

MindManager Showcase - Anna The Event Coordinator

‘…Welcome to, “MindManager Showcase,” featuring none other than — you guessed it — Mindjet MindManager. From working as traditional project managers in non-traditional organizations, to overseeing high-level international communications, we know our loyal users need tools that can capture head-to-toe information and keep them ahead of the productivity game. And so, to highlight some of our favorite MindManager features, we’ll take you through a variety of situations that many of our customers face in their daily work lives. Sit back and enjoy!…’

Website: MindJet MindManager

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How to Become a Better Problem Solver Part 1 - Adam Sicinski

‘…Problem solving, creative and critical thinking go hand-in-hand helping us to see the world from a number of different vantage points. Each of these ways of thinking strengthen our capacity to think flexibly and intelligently when faced with the unending problems that life throws our way.

This article will specifically focus on the process of problem solving and how you can use it to break through life’s most difficult challenges. We will specifically explore the attitude, beliefs, habits and qualities that are indispensable for effective problem solving…’

Website: IQ Matrix

How to Solve Problems using Mind Mapping - Dariusz Grzywacz

‘…The truth is everybody has problems. They’re an inseparable part of life just as atoms are an inseparable part of matter. As you might have probably noticed, some problems seem trivial while others do not. Some are easy to solve, others are more complex. Have you ever wondered why is it so? Have you ever pondered why some people look like they have no problems at all while others are overwhelmed with them?

Mind Mapping is an extremely powerful problem solving tool that’s exactly what this article is going to be about. We will discuss how problems form, how to easily deal with them and why mind mapping is so important in the whole process…’

Website: Dariusz Grzywacz

Six Thinking Hats - Lateral Thinking Meets Radiant Thinking - Faizel Mohidin

‘…Edward de Bono is one of the leading authorities in the field of creative thinking. He also provides tools for lateral thinking. He is also the originator of ‘parallel thinking’ and also developed the ‘Six Thinking Hats‘ as a thinking framework. 

Tony Buzan is the inventor of the Mind Map. He uses the term Radiant Thinking, which sees the brain’s thinking pattern as a gigantic Branching Association Machine. The more you learn and gather information in an integrated, radiating, organised manner, the easier it is to learn more…’

Mind Map of the Month - Paul Foreman

Paul Foreman once more provides the Mind Map of the Month. His view of the Six Thinking Hats provides another alternative for you to consider.

Website: Mind Map Inspiration

How to Create a Solution Map - Chuck Frey

‘…The world's most creative people develop better ideas by looking at situations from different perspectives than the rest of us. 

Most people, because they are naturally linear thinkers, tend to start from where they are now when searching for creative solutions. That limits their ability to think creatively about potential futures and outcomes…’

Website: Mind Mapping Software Blog

When the Mind Mapping Laws Don’t Work - Color - Jamie Nast

‘…The mind mapping laws are sometimes restrictive, squelch creativity and/or do not add value to your map. It’s important to understand the laws, but they should be used as guidelines that can be disregarded based on the purpose of your mind map. The law I’d like to cover in this issue is the use of color. The law states that you should use three or more colors per central image and each branch has its own color…’

Website: Idea Mapping Success

What Exceptional Leaders Do - Tarek Fahmy

‘…Exceptional leaders are essential to the success of any organization. They are the Usain Bolt(s) who break records.'

They also move their organizations and people fast and on the right track to maintain their leading position in the market. The question is always the same: do those ‘exceptional leaders’ have an innate talent?…'

Website: Tarek Fahmy on BiggerPlate

BiggerPlate - Liam Hughes

"The world's biggest source of Mind Map content and community...

  • Over 50 000 members worldwide
  • Thousands of Mind Map Templates and Examples
  • Free unicorn with every new Mind Map Shared*

Website: BiggerPlate

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