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November 2013

Planning Success

Editor's Note: Mixed Bag

This month we really have a mixed bag of articles. There should be something in it for everyone. The first few editions were theme based, but this is not the ideal structure of a magazine, as themes will run concurrently over a few issues, making an overlap of themes inevitable. 

Also, the magazine is a collaborative one and different authors have different strengths. By leveraging the strengths of contributors, you, the reader, will have a better variety of topics in each edition. This will make the magazine more enjoyable and give you a better, holistic view, of Mind Mapping.

This month covers Mind Mapping Principles, Business Planning, Career Planning, Memory, Leadership, and more.

Excerpts From This Issue:

When the Mind Mapping Laws Don't Work: Images - Jamie Nast

'... The mind mapping laws are sometimes restrictive, squelch creativity and/or do not add value to your map. It’s important to understand the laws, but they should be used as guidelines that can be disregarded based on the purpose of your mind map. 

The law I’d like to cover in this issue is the use of images. I’ll cover both sides of this topic starting with why images are important...'

Website: Idea Mapping Success

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MindManager Showcase - Felicity the Business Planner

'...Felicity is a business planner in the risk-management department of a medium-sized software company. She is responsible for performing risk evaluation and business impact analyses to adequately plan for potential financial threats and other disruptive circumstances. She is continually developing and revising business continuity strategies, emergency response policies, and operational business plans to deal with these possible circumstances.

Felicity must also conduct risk assessment tests, oversee 5 employees, conduct meetings to cover and deploy risk-management practices, and train company managers on procedures for handling potential disasters. She needs a tool that will help her manage communications with outside risk-assessment agencies and management teams, document and assess priorities and strategies, track data, and translate information into coherent reports for company executives...'

Website: MindJet MindManager

Problem Solving: Part 2 - Adam Sicinski

'...Implementation Phase:

Your goal throughout the Implementation Phase is to progressively and meticulously work through the solution to your problem in a step-by-step manner using a process of logical decision making and action. You are basically bringing everything you have thought about and outlined on paper into reality. Many people will struggle to get through this stage successfully because of the dreaded procrastination bug. Be sure that you don’t fall into this dirty trap...'

Website: IQ Matrix

Opening Address of BiggerPlate Utrecht Conference 2013 - Liam Hughes 

This article has the Mind Map that Liam used in his presentation, a Video of his opening address and a 'live' Mind Map of his speech taken during the presentation.

Website: BiggerPlate

MindMapping 3.0: BiggerPlate Conference Utrecht 2013 -
Hans Buskes

Hans Buskes gives an interesting talk on what he labels 'Mind Mapping 3.0' and covers semantics and the importance of making Mind Maps that can be read in the future.

Will your Mind Map be understood 600 years from now?

Website: MasterMindMaps

How Leaders Can Use The SCARF Model - Tarek Fahmy

'...Every leader knows that the only constant in business environment is change. The key to successful change management is to get people to work together and build an environment of trust. Social Neuroscience explores the way humans relate to each other and thus for leaders it can help them understand the social behaviors that will make people either collaborate or not collaborate.

Our brain works by a simple principle: minimizing threat and maximize reward. So when we encounter a stimulus our brain classifies it as good thus engaging in “approach” behavior, or will classify it as bad thus engaging in “avoid” behavior...'

Website: Tarek Fahmy on BiggerPlate

Mind Map Memory Maps and Your Perfect Memory - Faizel Mohidin

'...While I have not developed a photographic memory, I have developed the incredible ability to remember whatever I want to remember with the use of Mind Map Memory Maps. I have to put some effort into recalling what I have worked so hard at putting into memory, but I will be able to recall the information when I need it. In other words, I have learned memory techniques to recall at random any piece of information that I chose to put into long term memory. Many scientists believe that our memories are perfect; All we need are the correct triggers to recall what is already there...'

How to create an ABZ career plan mind map - Chuck Frey

'...Career planning can benefit greatly from mind mapping, because it enables you to view multiple perspectives and possibilities in a compact, visual format. 

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how to adapt Reid Hoffman’s brilliant ABZ planning technique, which takes a simple but very creative approach to helping you make the most of the opportunities you will face throughout your career...'

Website: Mind Mapping Software Blog

Mind Map of the Month: Be You - Paul Foreman

'...Being you is effortless – be you. No one can tap into your unique gifts because no one is like you – be you. No one can compete with you because you are the only one on the entire planet who is you – be you. Others cannot be you and you cannot be anyone else; and neither do you need to – just be you! The easiest thing to do – be you...'

Website: Mind Map Inspiration

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