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May 2014 - Birthday Issue

Meet Faizel Mohidin - Publisher and Editor of Using Mind Maps Magazine

Editor's Note:  Using Mind Maps Magazine celebrates its first Birthday - Faizel Mohidin

Using Mind Maps Magazine celebrates its first birthday in the month of May.

Chuck Frey, author of The Mind Mapping Software Blog, a leading source for news, trends and resources related to visual mapping, recently interviewed me after last month’s issue was published…

Excerpts From This Issue:

Off the Beaten Path: The Benefits of Mind Mapping Your Career - Arwen Petty - MindJet

For a lot of us, we don’t know what we want to be when we grow until we grow up; even then, our choices might turn out differently than we’d hoped — or just plain wrong. And while daydreaming of stardom or veterinary school is a practice we strongly encourage, it doesn’t always help turn your aspirations into action. Even those of us that are thrilled with the path we’re on can use some direction now and then — luckily, there are methods and tools that make analyzing our professional needs pretty easy…

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The Power of Mind Maps to Build Your Career Master Plan - Farnoosh Brock

This past week, I worked with one of my amazing clients from my coaching program to create her career master plan. She is a young, smart, and motivated entrepreneur finding her way in this world. She has lots of great ideas with plenty to offer the world. What we needed to do for her was to create a master career plan through brainstorming, idea organization and categorization.

We decided to accomplish this using the most powerful tool I know, a method that I have often used with clients, students as well as in my own projects, that of mind mapping!

The Students’ Guide to Mind Mapping - Raphaela Brandner - MindMeister

As part of our BackToSchool campaign, we’ve collected a number of great uses and benefits of mind mapping in education. If you’ve missed our last post on mind mapping for teachers, you can check it out in the previous issue. This time, we will talk about mind mapping for students, who, as you will see, can profit tremendously from applying this easy but effective tool. Find out what you can do with mind maps to improve your memory, take more effective notes and enhance the results of your studying efforts!

Mind Maps and Learning - Adam Sicinski

‘Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.’ — Tony Buzan

The Gift of Sight

For those of us who are blessed with the gift of sight, it is easy to see the important role it plays in our daily lives. Not only do we live within a reality of pictures and moving images, but what is even more profound, is that we dream and think in pictures 24/7. In fact, our entire existence revolves around the concept of visual images passing through us like clouds moving across the sky.

Given all this, is it really surprising that mind mapping is considered to be a fundamental key for accelerated learning?

Mind Mapping Study Tips - Adam Sicinski

While I was at University, I managed to perfect a method of studying from a mind map that dramatically accelerated my ability to learn and remember large chunks of information. In fact using this method, I managed to develop my capacity to achieve photographic memory…

Leverage the awesome power of links in your mind maps - Chuck Frey

Many types of work today involve a significant amount of research. As you gather large quantities of information, it can quickly become a jumble of confusing facts, figures and notes. A mind map enables you to create time-saving “pointers” to all of these bits of information and help you to keep them better organized – just a click or two away…

Copying Competition is Not A Such a Bad Idea - Tarek Fahmy - Licensed Buzan Instructor

“Poor firms ignore their competitors; average firms copy their competitors; winning firms lead their competitors” - Philip Kotler

A lot of successful companies start by imitating other company’s business models…

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