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July 2013

From Idea To Action

Excerpts From This Issue:

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From Idea To Action - Jamie Nast

“If you are buried in volumes of information, overwhelmed by complex issues, or simply want to improve your and your organization’s creativity, the path to success may already be hidden in your mind.

A simple, yet profound tool, idea mapping uses visual association to help people more competently plan, organize, communicate, remember, innovate, and learn...” 

Website: Idea Mapping Success

Mind Map of The Month - Paul Foreman

"So many of us are so busy that we rarely take the time to think. Paul Foreman tells us to set up some time each day for silent contemplation. In Short: ‘Time To Think’; Shorter Still ‘T3’. 

So head over to his article on the Mind Map Inspiration Website now to get the full story..."

Website: Mind Map Inspiration

How To Achieve Career Success
- Adam Sicinski

"Do you have high aspirations for your life?Do you dream about moving up the career ladder but don’t know what to do or how to begin? Or maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed because every time you take a step forward, you seem to be pushed two steps back.

Life can seem a little unfair at times, however setbacks are actually stepping stones for a better and more prosperous future if we manage them effectively..."

Website: IQ Matrix

How To Mind Map a Book - Faizel Mohidin

"Mind Maps in Education started with Using Mind Maps for note taking as an alternative to Linear Note Taking. 

Using Mind Maps as part of a study method is still one of the most popular applications of Mind Maps and Mind Mapping.

By using Mind Maps for notes, you can reduce volumes of writing to a single page..."

Mind Mapping Software - Andrew Nesbitt (Nez)

"Hi, guys. It’s Nez here. I’m back for part 2 of the how to mindmap miniseries that I was doing. This one might be slightly noisier than the last one - you’ll hear a bit of keyboard tapping unfortunately because I’m showing you the software this time around. 

Now, before I get around to showing you the software I use, I’m just going to take you through a few of the options you might have..."

Website: Immediate Edge

Think Differently About Your Business - Chuck Frey

"Want to become a better creative problem solver?

One of the most productive tools you can use to solve problems and generate great ideas is mind mapping software. Tony Buzan, the renowned developer of the concept of mind mapping, calls it “a Swiss Army Knife for the brain.” That’s because it works the way your brain does – by association. It also makes excellent use of both the left (logical, orderly) and right (creative, visual, random) sides of your brain, enabling you to access more of your brain’s creative capabilities. 

Here are some of the ways that your mind mapping software can serve as a powerful catalyst for creative thinking and problem solving..."

Website: Mind Mapping Software Blog

Bloom's Taxonomy - Faizel Mohidin

"Strangely, the first question I get when talking about Bloom’s taxonomy is: ‘What is a taxonomy?’ This is typical of Bloom’s studies. It was an academic exercise, done by academics in Higher Education. The words used are therefore not those used in everyday vocabulary.

This article aims to make things a bit easier for you, as there is great benefit in knowing the different levels of human thinking so that you can incorporate it in your learning. There is also great merit in knowing how Mind Maps naturally allow you to apply the principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy..."

BiggerPlate - Liam Hughes

"The world's biggest source of Mind Map content and community...

  • Over 50 000 members worldwide
  • Thousands of Mind Map Templates and Examples
  • Free unicorn with every new Mind Map Shared*

Website: BiggerPlate

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