Using Mind Maps Magazine Issue 30

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Do You Know Where You're Going To?

'...I am very passionate about the difference Mind Mapping can make in a person’s life and I am always keen to help people use Mind Mapping to be more effective at work, in business, in education and their personal lives.

But, to help you, you need a plan of where you want to go. Only then can you begin to use this wonderful tool to get there faster and easier.

Yet, when I ask people whether they have a personal development plan, the answer is, more often than not, a blank stare.

Do you have a personal development plan?...'

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In this Issue...

The Courage of a Superhero…

Adam Sicinski

'...We’re all no doubt familiar with what it takes to be courageous. We watch television shows and movies showing superheroes and ordinary people performing courageous acts in the pursuit of justice; to right a wrong, or in an attempt to attain their goals. But what does being courageous really mean? What does it mean under a surface that’s normally hidden from view?...'

12 reasons you need to get off the fence and use mind mapping software for project management

Chuck Frey

'...As the speed of business continues to increase and projects become more complex, project managers need better tools to help them plan, implement, monitor project status and communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders – who are often geographically dispersed. Mind mapping software has emerged as a powerful tool that is particularly well-suited to project management...'

Top 3 Uses of Mind Mapping for Screenwriters


'... So you’ve finally had this amazing idea that you just know has the potential to become a blockbuster – to grip audiences, rattle them, shock them, and fill them with emotions that stay with them even long after the credits roll.

In this state you’re not just super excited, but also highly creative, which means that now is the time to get the idea out of your head, to visualize it, expand it, and create a supporting plot structure around it that will serve as the basis for your first treatment. One of the best techniques to do all that is mind mapping...'

From collecting dots to connecting dots: Toni Krasnic at Biggerplate Unplugged 2016

'...With preparations well underway for Biggerplate Unplugged 2016, we're delighted to announce Toni Krasnic as one of our confirmed speakers for the annual mind map conference in New York next year!

We're so happy to welcome Toni as one of our speakers, as he has been a long term supporter of Biggerplate, and a fantastic contributor to the mind map library, with more than 50 mind maps maps shared with our community!...'

How to Simplify Decision Making With Flowcharts
From the iMindQ Blog:

'... Think of all the processes you run in your business every day. There are processes for handling customer queries, for initiating projects, for paying invoices and a lot more. In fact, every time you make a key decision about something to do with your organization you go through a decision making process...'

Organizing Your Website and Social Media Resources

Roger C. Parker

As everyone’s online presence becomes more complex, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep track of details like URLs, usernames, passwords, and—increasingly—the graphic specifications associated with our online presence. This is especially true when it comes to website management and marketing.

In today’s security-conscious world, it’s always advisable to use different usernames and passwords for each website and social media platform you use. In addition, each social media platform generally has its own preferred measurements for graphics appearing in different places, such as header graphics, blog posts, profile pages, etc...'

The Vroom-Yetton Decision Model

Tarek Fahmy

Inability to make decisions is one of the principal reasons executives fail. Deficiency in decision-making ranks much higher than lack of specific knowledge or technical know-how as an indicator of leadership failure. - John C. Maxwell

Good decision making is one of the key attributes of effective leaders. As organizations grow and markets change, they need to be able to make the right decisions. 

Even the best leaders, in their lifetime, have made bad decisions many times before.

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