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August 2013

Creativity, Idea Mapping & Learning Theory

Excerpts From This Issue:

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Why I use Idea Mapping - Jamie Nast

"I recently exchanged a friendly chat with some colleagues on LinkedIn. Somewhere during that discussion I was asked why I use the term Idea Mapping. So what follows is some of my rationale..."

Jamie Nast departs from the use of Mind Mapping for what she does. This article gives some good insights to why she went this route.

She has also published a book on Idea Mapping.

Website: Idea Mapping Success

Mind Map of The Month - Paul Foreman

“Creativity, by its very nature, implies getting away from the norm. 

The statistical concept of the norm, the average, gives rise to our concept of ‘normal’. 

Normal is that to which your brain has become accustomed; that which gives you no surprises..."

Paul Foreman's latest hand drawn Mind Map focuses on Creativity and Tony Buzan's Book, Head First.

(Tony Buzan is the inventor of Mind Mapping.)

Website: Mind Map Inspiration

Conversations with Walt Disney - Adam Sicinski

"Walt Disney was one of those extraordinary individuals whose imagination has literally transformed the world. He created a cartoon character mouse, called him Mickey Mouse and turned him into an instant celebrity over night. This one cartoon character soon turned Walt’s business into one of the most powerful and influential entertainment companies on the planet.

Having created a media conglomerate, Walt Disney set out on another dream that almost nobody believed could be achieved..."

Adam Sicinski has a hypothetical Conversation with Walt Disney, one of the greatest creative minds ever.

Website: IQ Matrix

A Mind Map Marketing Plan - Faizel Mohidin

"Using a Mind Map Marketing Plan may be more important than using a Mind Map Business Plan. 

Many entrepreneurs put together a Business Plan when they want to acquire finance. If you don’t have a Business Plan look at our article on creating a practical Mind Map Business Plan, which can not only be used to raise finance, but to actually run your business.

A Marketing Plan while less often used, is equally, if not more, important..."

How to Overcome Self Sabotage - Adam Sicinski

"Have you ever wanted something so badly, for so long, tried so hard to get it, but failed?

Have you ever set goals and objectives that you didn’t reach?

Or have you ever wondered why you keep repeating the same patterns of behavior over and over again and therefore keep getting the same pitiful results?

All of us at one point or another go through these phases. In fact, many of us go through these self-sabotage cycles on a weekly basis and as a consequence we live below the potential of our own abilities.

We regret the things we didn’t do, yet wonder why we keep getting stuck in these limiting patterns..."

8 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Creativity - Chuck Frey

"Want to become a better creative problem solver?

One of the most productive tools you can use to solve problems and generate great ideas is mind mapping software. Tony Buzan, the renowned developer of the concept of mind mapping, calls it “a Swiss Army Knife for the brain.” That’s because it works the way your brain does – by association. It also makes excellent use of both the left (logical, orderly) and right (creative, visual, random) sides of your brain, enabling you to access more of your brain’s creative capabilities. 

Here are some of the ways that your mind mapping software can serve as a powerful catalyst for creative thinking and problem solving..."

Website: Mind Mapping Software Blog

Bloom's Taxonomy: The Affective Domain - Faizel Mohidin

"In the last issue, I gave an overview of Bloom’s Taxonomy. This is the second in a four-part series covering Bloom’s Taxonomy and the various domains covered in his Taxonomy. Please review the previous article to give you an idea of what a Taxonomy is and why Bloom’s is so relevant in your learning efforts. 

This article covers the Affective Domain, which forms the heart of all Study Skills and is the foundation for the rest of the Domains as defined in Bloom’s Taxonomy. It should also form the bases of your own Study Methods, which should have practical steps to implement the Affective Domain..."

BiggerPlate - Liam Hughes

"The world's biggest source of Mind Map content and community...

  • Over 50 000 members worldwide
  • Thousands of Mind Map Templates and Examples
  • Free unicorn with every new Mind Map Shared*

Website: BiggerPlate

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