Using Mind Maps Magazine Issue 25

Two Years and Counting!

I can't believe that Using Mind Maps Magazine is already 2 years old.

This issue is the 25th straight month that the Mag has been published. It continues to provide Tips, Tools, Techniques, Resources and Opinions of Leading Mind Mapping Experts.

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Continuing with the 'Great Brains' series, we focus on Charles Darwin this month, who is one of the greatest influences on modern thinking.

Pathway to Success

Jamie MacDonald - MindGenius

'... In most day-to-day work situations we are usually tasked with or required to deliver an outcome – a tangible, value-adding deliverable.

Whether we are senior managers / decision-makers, or any other member of staff at any level within the organisation, we all have one main “journey” or “pathway” in common – we are expected, and indeed in most cases paid, to think, prioritise, decide and deliver! ...'

Boosting Self-Confidence

Adam Sicinski - IQ Matrix

'... To have self-confidence means being fully accepting of oneself and others. It means being free from self-doubt, and having the necessary self-belief and self-assurance to follow through with one’s desired actions and intentions without falling into the trap of indecision or hesitation ...'

Intelligent Mind Maps: The New Frontier

Elizabeth Harrin - iMIndQ

'... What if you could save yourself lots of time researching topics and creating mind maps? It doesn’t take long to pull a mind map together but when you are busy, every moment matters and automating some of the research tasks can give you a head start on creating your final document.

You can do this: artificial intelligence (AI) is a growing business tool that will start you off in the right direction ...'

Mind Mapping Out the Box: Are You an Information Cartographer?

Angus McDonald - Mindjet

'... In my humble opinion, if you use mind mapping software... 

... you are indeed an information cartographer. Trust me, I’m a Geographic Information Consultant by trade, and have been making and using maps of all sorts for 30 years. One of the reasons I started my company, Knowledge Mappers, was to explore the synergy between mind maps and geographical maps, for in the digital software environment, I have always been struck by the great similarity between them ...'

How to manage tasks and simple projects with a mind map

Chuck Frey

'...1. Get started:*Create a topic in the center of the map that describes your project in 1-3 words.

  2. Do a brain dump: Create sub-topics for each of the major areas or sections of your project plan. Don’t mentally edit yourself at this time – this is just a “brain dump” of anything you can think of related to your needs for this project. Include such things as information needed, budgetary issues, timetable, people, resources required, implementation steps and the like. As you add these first-level topics to your map, additional ideas may pop into your head. Record them, without any regard for their organization ...'

Mind Map Your TED-Talks: How visualizing ideas can change your life

Featuring Mind Maps by Dagny Larking - MindMeister

'... Have you ever watched one of those incredibly inspiring TED talks on Youtube? A video full of invaluable life lessons and a compelling message that made you want to get out there and put all those great ideas into action right away? 

And then, did you click on a link to a cute cat video and forget all about those great ideas? Yeah, I used to do it, too.

And it's not just TED talks. It's all those amazing tutorials, life hacks, talks and informational videos you watch, love, and forget about within a day or two ...'

“The Prince” by Machiavelli : Applying Some Principles in Business

Tarek Fahmy

... With the book, Machiavelli sought to persuade Lorenzo that he was a friend whose experience in politics and knowledge of the ancients made him an invaluable adviser.

What follows is some of what Machiavelli says you should do to get ahead--in politics, business, and life ...'

Mind Maps in Action: Personal Dashboard Maps

Mathieu van der Wal - Biggerplate

... I use my Personal Dashboard map in a weekly process to review the work that has been done and the work that has is yet to come. If I keep my dashboard up to date it actually saves me time as I can make better decisions on what to do and what not to do...  don’t fill it with ‘busyness’, but work on improving processes, try a new project or experiment etc. along the principles of methodologies like the Lean Startup philosophy ...'

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