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Mind Maps and Thinking like Leonardo da Vinci

This article is intended to be a bit provocative, but it’s only intention is to get you thinking.

It explores the basic question, “What is a Mind Map?” This is often asked by people who don’t know Mind Mapping. Which, dare I say it, are the majority of people in the world.

Many people see Leonardo da Vinci as the original Mind Mapper. Tony Buzan claims that title in the modern era.

So, was Leonardo da Vinci a Mind Mapper?

The Qualities of Leonardo da VinciMind Map by Paul Foreman

Annual Mind Map Report 2015

Liam Hughes

We're delighted to announce the publication of our Annual Mind Map Report 2015, which is now live and available to download for free, giving you a unique insight into the views of more than 1,000 mind mappers who participated in our global survey!

The Ultimate Brainstorming Guide in 9 Easy Steps

Adam Sicinski

This is a guest article from the IQMatrix Blog, written by Arthur Kaptein who is the author of the Ultimate Brainstorming book… Brainstorming is something we all do, every day, and all the time. If you say; “I never Brainstorm!” think again!!!...

How to Brainstorm your way to thought leadership

Chuck Frey

In today’s business world, the ability to develop profitable new ideas is a critically important skill, says Mark Levy in his new report, List-Making as a Tool of Thought Leadership. To do this, he recommends brainstorming a series of lists to develop a storehouse of fresh ideas that you can use to grow your influence in your work – to become a thought leader in your area of expertise.

The list-making process that Levy recommends has much in common with mind mapping, which often involves the deconstructing of a problem, challenge or project into its component parts. This deep analysis often leads to new insights and ideas.

7th Academy of Evaluation in Warsaw, Poland

Jamie Nast

I first featured this project in 2008 when I was invited to be part of the initial launch of the Academy of Evaluation. Now we are about to embark on its 7th year.

Participants have been civil servants from all the Polish Ministries including the Prime Minister’s Office. These dedicated governmental employees are part of a critical effort to rebuild Poland’s infrastructure and to measure the success of those projects.

Keeping Everything in View Using Mind Mapping


“With mind mapping, we have managed to shape our processes, thoughts, and every aspect of our media work in a manageable and comprehensible manner, a factor which is extremely important when carrying out this work on a voluntary basis.” Thomas Schwarz, Media & Communication Working Group of the Hamburg Volunteer Fire Brigade...

All about Mind Mapping - Part 1: What Mind Mapping is…


This article has been created by Becky Loton. The title of the article is ‘All About Mind Mapping’ and it will be released in two parts. So check back next for how to mind map and the benefits of mind mapping… Your brain is a complex machine. Some would say a labyrinth. So with all the information that is fed in to this labyrinth – day by day, minute by minute, second by second – it is no wonder that brilliant ideas often lose their way. Time is scarce in our busy lives; but your ideas don’t have to be...

Ask The Tutor

Announcing the Newest Resource for our Readers

  • Have you ever thought: “If only I had a Tutor, it would make a world of difference to my success as a Mind Mapper!"
  • Do you have a Mind Mapping Question that you need help with?

The Mind Map Tutor is here to help

He is a proven, experienced Mind Mapper, in Business, at Work, in Education and in his Personal Life...

No creativity no innovation

Hans Buskes

31 million views already! So you must have seen by now the famous TED talk by education guru Sir Ken Robinson. If not, watch it.

In this talk he has a shocking example how creativity is killed in schools. The story is about a little girl who was in a drawing lesson. The girl hardly ever paid attention, but now she did. The teacher was fascinated and went over to her and said:

"What are you drawing?"

"I’m drawing a picture of God", the girl said.

And the teacher said, "But nobody knows what God looks like."

The girl answered, "They will in a minute.”...

Understanding Galbraith's Star Model

Tarek Fahmy

Imagine you are a motorcycle expert and are asked this question “why is the Dodge

Tomahawk is faster than the Ducati 1098s”?

Your answer might look like “they are designed differently. The Dodge Tomahawk is designed with 90 degrees v-type engine. It can reach 350 mph (560 km/h). The Ducati 1098s used L-Twin Cylinder Engine , reaching top speed of 169 mph (271 km/h)”

Now if you are asked this question “how is your organization designed to sustain its growth and value proposition?” this might sound difficult.

Difficult to answer right? Well don’t worry!!! There is a great tool that will help you answer this. It is called Galbraith's Star model...

Share Your MindMeister Maps on Biggerplate!


oday we’re super psyched to tell you about our newest integration, and one that was long overdue: You can now easily share all your brilliant MindMeister mind maps on Biggerplate, where people from all over the world can find them, view them, leave comments and more.

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, Biggerplate is the home of mind mapping. Their mind map library contains thousands of free mind map templates and mind mapping examples to show how real people around the world are using mind maps every day to improve their working and learning...

Biggerplate Unplugged: 2015 and beyond!

Liam Hughes

Did you know... in 2012 there was no such thing as a mind mapping conference...?

In 2015, Biggerplate Unplugged has become firmly established as the must-attend conference for mind mappers around the world, having visited 5 great global cities in just two years since launching in 2013!

We have learned a great deal through the #BPUN series so far, and we are now looking to build upon the success of the series by developing an even more ambitious and far-reaching portfolio of events for mind mappers around the world!

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