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Using Mind Maps, Issue #030 - From Linear To Mind Map
November 11, 2012

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1. Welcome

Are you still doing linear notes? This month's article was prompted by a colleagues question: 'Are normal notes called linear notes?'

Article below...

2. Products

Free OpenSource Mind Map Software (Xmind) has served us well and is still our preferred software, but as mentioned before, iPad Mind Map Software is becoming a big contender, as you always have your iPad (Or any other tablet you prefer) with you.

So don't delay. Download Xmind today and start Mind Mapping!

You could also download the basic edition of iMindMap, which is also free. iMindMap is the official Mind Map Software endorsed by Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, and creates beautiful, organic, colourful Mind Maps. You could then explore his Mind Map Principles more easily and decide for yourself what you would like to use.

Improving Your Brain Power 

This product is priced under $10, as it is intended to introduce you to the concept of Learning with a Mind Map Tutor. As a by-product, you also learn about how to improve your brain power. Use the Mind Maps to explore the Ebook, or use the Ebook to explore the Mind Maps. Add your own thoughts, ideas and resources to put yourself in the centre of the learning process.

Hamlet Mind Map Tutor

Hamlet is Shakespeare's longest, and one of his most complex, plays. It is also his most popular one. Based on our success with Othello, we have decided to continue with the Shakespeare legacy.

Learn Hamlet in an interactive, intuitive way and add your own notes and thoughts directly in the Mind Maps.

So, if you are a student, or teacher, of Hamlet, get hold of our Mind Map Tutor now and explore Hamlet like never before.

Learning Management Program

This is our most popular product and provides a Ten Step Program divided into Four Sections that gets you learning faster and easier. The program takes you through four important stages:

  • Preparation
  • The Skills Needed
  • Application of the Skills
  • Keeping Sharp
Most successful people know that it is the process that makes them successful. Whether you are a golfer, tennis player, business person or learner, a good process separates the amateur from the professional. So 'Go Pro' with your learning by applying a good learning process.

English Grammar Mind Map Tutor

Having a good knowledge of English Grammar is essential for all learners, if your learning medium is English. If English is not your mother-tongue, then this is also a great guide for you. The Interactive Mind Maps allow you to add your own examples and thoughts, making you the centre of the learning process, which is the best way to learn.

Othello Mind Map Tutor

The first of our Shakespeare series, which allows you to learn Shakespeare in a unique, holistic and visual way, providing you with everything you need to know about plot, background, characters, themes and more...

3. Associate Authors 

If you are a subject matter expert and think you have the ability to produce a set of Mind Maps on your subject, we can sell it and market it for you using our Associate Author Program.

By sharing your knowledge, you can grow personally, help others, and even create a permanent passive income stream.

Take advantage of our growth and expertise in the Mind Mapping Marketplace. We are one of the top ranking Mind Map Websites on the Internet. You can take advantage of this and earn a solid passive income.

The concept is simple.

  • You create the Mind Maps according to our strict criteria.
  • We market and sell it.
  • You earn immediate passive income.
This offer is not for everybody though. You must be willing to produce a good quality Mind Map Tutor on your subject. Each request is personally vetted and only those that meet our strict criteria will be able to take advantage of our Marketing and Sales Engine.

Watch out for our new launch coming soon!

4. Mind Map Tutor Blog

Our Blog,, keeps you updated with what's happening so that you can learn faster and easier with regular updates.

You can follow our blog by subscribing via RSS Feed, Email, Facebook, or Twitter to get regular updates. Most of the topics are also highlighted on our Facebook Page, where you can comment instantly and get great feedback from us and others.

You can now also comment on our blog using Facebook comments.

And lot's more... Visit our Blog now for more inspiring articles on using Mind Maps.

5. Facebook page

Visit Using Mind Maps on Facebook and become a part of our Social Network by simply 'liking' our page.

Facebook is great for updates, as it is unobtrusive and you can give immediate feedback.  

Please promote our Facebook Page to you friends and family.

It is a great way for them to stay updated with the latest information on everything you need to know about creating and using Mind Maps to learn faster and easier.

All updates to our site, as well as our blog, are posted to our Facebook Page, so you will always be informed of what's happening.

Make learning and using Mind Maps a part of your Social Experience. In this way learning and growth becomes a natural part of you life and stops being a laborious effort.

As information on Facebook is fed in bite size chunks and you only read what catches your eye, you are in complete control of the situation.

6. Twitter

You can follow me via my Twitter account.

I am very active in the online Mind Mapping community, you will get updates and links to important information as I come across it.

Twitter is the fastest way to get information into the market. If you haven't tried Twitter yet, give it a go. The great thing about Twitter is that you only have to read what you want to, as it just gives you the headlines. The information also comes to you, so you are only receiving information that you want to receive.

If you don't like the source - kill it, and it's instantly removed.

Twitter can be a great time saver to give you the information when you want it and how you want it.

We publish all of our Blog feeds to Twitter so that you can simply browse the headlines and only visit the page if you like what you see.

7. Focus of the month - From Linear to Mind Map...

I chatted to a colleague of mine last week about converting from linear note taking to Mind Mapping and he asked what I thought was an obvious question. ‘Is the way we normally take notes called linear note taking?’

While this seemed so obvious to me, I realised that most people see linear note taking as ‘normal’. In fact, it is so normal that they haven’t even given it a name. It is just the way things are done when taking notes.

This is so entrenched in our minds, as we are almost exclusively exposed to it as a note taking method from the first time we are exposed to the written word. Almost all information is given to us in a linear format. Even this article is linear.

Visual Note Taking, while being around since humans first started recording information, is largely overshadowed by the linear format. This was compounded by the invention of the printing press, which enabled information to be mass produced in books and newspapers. While it had many obvious benefits, it also entrenched the linear form of note taking.

This incident with my colleague once more refreshed my memory of why we promote Mind Mapping in a particular way. We have found that many people struggle to make the transition to Mind Mapping, even though they believe it is a great tool.

We therefore encourage the use of the Cornell Method (developed at Cornell University) as an aid to help you transition to Mind Mapping. The method is covered more extensively in our Note Taking Section of our Learning Management Program.

But here is a brief summary:

It basically consists of taking notes in two columns. In the right hand column, summary notes are written; and in the left column, Key Words are extracted.

You can then close the right hand side and check whether the Key Words on the left hand side trigger the correct content on the right hand side.

These Key Words then become the basis of the main branches of your Mind Map, while the right hand side forms the details.

This simple method will start getting the brain used to working in Key Words, which is essential for the creation of good Mind Maps.

In the early transition stage from linear to Mind Maps, I recommend that you simply make your notes in Cornell Format only and not worry about Mind Maps at all.

You could also use the outline feature of your Word Processor and use headlines to format your document. The main headlines become your main branches, the sub-headlines become the sub-branches and the body becomes the details.

Once your linear notes are complete, you can make your Mind Maps from your notes. This will then reduce the fear of not capturing everything in your Mind Maps. You will always have the linear notes to ‘fall back’ on. Over time, you could get more efficient and even eliminate the linear notes altogether.

Do give this a try, especially if you haven’t yet made the transition from linear to Mind Maps. Mind Maps are simply too powerful to ignore and putting in the effort to become a Mind Mapper will pay dividends forever.

Use our Contact Form to send in your questions.

My goal is to help you use Mind Maps more effectively at work, in business, in education and in your personal life.

There should be enough free information on our website and blog for you to understand the concepts and principles. I only charge for our Mind Map Tutor products, which are in-depth Mind Maps of selected topics and act as guided tutorials.

8. What's coming...

Keep a look out for free information on our Website, our Blog , Facebook and Twitter. Be the first to get updated information as it arrives.

9. Communicating with us

We would also love to hear from you, so let us know how your Mind Map efforts are going. You can contact us via our Contact Page, or you can even write your own story and be published on our website.

You can also comment on any of our blog posts using Facebook comments. The choice is yours. is built with Site Build It!

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