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This has been another exciting month, in that our Facebook Page, Twitter and Blog are now synchronised and working together. This means that you have more choice in keeping up to date with using Mind Maps. It also gives you more options to make your own voice heard.

We will love to hear your stories and comments.

We have also made some changes to the packaging of our Learning Management Program to give you more value for money. We feel that it is essential to learn how to learn and our Program will form the heart of anything that you want to learn.

1. Learning Management Program

Our popular Ebook is now bundled with a free Interactive MindMapTutor. You, the reader, have decided for us. Based on feedback from customers, we have decided to bundle our Interactive Mind Maps with the Ebook. You can now get both at an affordable, value for money price.

This gives you freedom to choose what you want to use. If you prefer having a regular Ebook, then your needs will be satisfied. If you prefer to explore information interactively, with you being at the centre of the learning process, then the Interactive Mind Map is for you.

If you already have your own Mind Mapping Software, you can easily import the Interactive Mind Map into your favourite Software.

All of this is available at the price of an Ebook. If you don't know what's in the program, check out our Learning Management Program now.

2. MindMapTutor Blog

We are now blogging on a regular basis. On the blog, you will get regular tips. You can subscribe via RSS, or get updates into your email inbox. The choice is yours.

So if you want to stay up to date with free information and tips, check out our Blog on

3. Facebook page

We now have a simple to remember address for our Facebook page,

The tips on our blog are also posted to the Facebook page, in case you prefer to follow updates via Facebook. If you love Facebook, having UsingMindMaps updates in your news feed is unobtrusive, yet handy.

There are also some links to videos on our Facebook page. The videos serve to support the principles in the post.

We are also in the process of building our Album of sample Mind Maps.

So don't hesitate, become a fan of our Facebook page today.

4. Articles from our Blog

Our Blog articles are short, informative and useful. So, if you don't have a lot of time, you can still stay updated with our short posts. As stated above, you can even subscribe via RSS or email, so that it comes to you, instead of you having to go online to read them.

Here are some of the articles posted in the last month on our Blog:

Have you used Mind Mapping Today?

A Mind Map a Day for 30 Days

Using Mind Maps for more than just memory

Using Mind Maps to Learn how to Learn

How to Mind Map in Seven Steps

Why a Lifelong Learning System

Step 1: Vision - A lesson from Alice in Wonderland

Step2: Motivation - All great people have it

5. Twitter

I am also on Twitter. You can follow me via my personal Twitter account. I don't tweet as often as some other people yet, but follow me to get updates as, and when they come.

Twitter is being tested at the moment and it will definitely ramp up if I see a big interest.

6. Tip of the month - Using Mind Maps

This may sound like the strangest tip of all, but often, when I asked people: 'When last have you used Mind Maps?'

The answer varies, from 'Last week - I think', to 'I can't remember'.

Despite Mind Maps being the tool that can unlock the power sitting in your brain, people still don't use it.

Last month's blog posts have largely been around getting people to actually use Mind Maps. I've tried various methods, from suggesting a Mind Map a day for 30 days to posting articles on Vision and Motivation using Mind Maps.

There are just so many opportunities on a daily basis to use Mind Maps.

Then there is the learning aspect. Are you using Mind Maps during YOUR learning process? We found that people just simply don't use it.

That is why we have a hot selling Learning Management Program that uses Mind Maps in the material, as well as an Interactive Mind Map.

There's lots of material available everywhere on how to Mind Map. You can find articles on our site, on the site of most of the software vendors and on YouTube.

The problem is not with how to Mind Map, but with using Mind Maps in your daily life.
I therefore urge you to not only read about Mind Maps and learn about Mind Maps, but to actually apply it in your daily life.

7. What's coming

Lots more tips and articles on using Mind Maps in your daily life to get a competitive advantage are on the way. While Mind Maps help you develop personally, it also sets you ahead of the pack. The more you use Mind Maps, the better you get and the faster you will learn.
Besides learning faster, you will find that your brain becomes sharper and more creative. You will then do more than just digest other people's information, you will create your own ideas. By generating new, creative ideas, you will get ahead, whether you are at school, college, university, at work or in your own business.

To help you with this, we will continuously provide you with material and tools to help you use Mind Maps more effectively in your daily life.

We would love to hear from you, so let us know how your Mind Map efforts are going. You can contact us via our Contact Page, or you can even write your own story and be published on our website.

Till next time...Starting using Mind Maps today! is built with Site Build It!




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