Firstly - A huge apology!

I accidentally hit the send button and sent out a draft copy of the latest Newsletter - complete with typos, wrong issue number and incorrect numbering. This is the correct copy for October 2010:

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1. Welcome

Welcome to another edition of the Using Mind Maps Newsletter; the Newsletter to help you with using Mind Maps in your daily life.

This edition focuses on learning and learning how to learn, with some exciting news on globalisation and what's coming.


2. News

Our Learning Management Program has been translated into Chinese! Yes, Chinese! If you are interested, you can find it at

This is an exciting development, as our program is reaching places that I never thought possible. It just highlights the fact that you need to have a program when learning, whether learning is formal or informal and whether you are in the East or West.

September 2010 ended by focusing on some learning theory Using Mind Maps. We focused on Study Skills and linked it to Bloom's Taxonomy, one of the most famous studies and classifications on human learning ever done.

The Taxonomy is covered in a series of four articles:

Study Skills

Mind Map of Bloom's Affective Domain

Mind Map of Bloom's Cognitive Domain

Mind Map of Bloom's Psychomotor Domain

Don't let the titles put you off. I've written them in plain, easy to understand language with Mind Map summaries to drive home the key points.

Our Learning Management Program takes these principles into consideration while guiding you on a path of learning faster and easier.

3. MindMapTutor Blog

Our Blog gives you tips more regularly, so that lifelong learning can be imprinted into your subconscious mind. It should be a part of everything that you do. You can subscribe via RSS, or get updates into your email inbox. The choice is yours.

So if you want to stay up to date with free information and tips, check out our Blog on

Some highlights from our Blog:

Step 3: Setting Goals

Step 4: Time Management - The Next Level

Study Skills and Bloom's Taxonomy

How to use Mind Maps to Improve your Business

Step 5: Reading - Are you still reading like a Grade 1 Learner?

Step 6: Note Taking - Using your Whole Brain

Step 7: The best study method in the world

4. Facebook page

Sign up to Using Mind Maps on Facebook.

The tips on our blog are also posted to the Facebook page, in case you prefer to follow updates via Facebook. If you love Facebook, having UsingMindMaps updates in your news feed is unobtrusive, yet handy.

There are also some links to videos on our Facebook page. The videos serve to support the principles in the post.

We are also in the process of building our Album of sample Mind Maps.

So don't hesitate, become a fan of our Facebook page today.

5. Twitter

Twitter is definitely starting to ramp up. You can follow me via my personal Twitter account.

I've started Tweeting more regularly. As I am very active in the online Mind Mapping community, you will get updates and links to important information as I come across it.

Nothing beats Twitter in getting information and updates to you faster and easier.

6. Tip of the month - Learning how to learn

From the time we enter this world, we start learning - and we only stop when we leave it.

Yet, most of our learning takes place almost 'by accident'. Trial and error is such an accepted term; and it started when we first learned to walk. We tried, we fell, we got up, we tried again, fell again, tried again...

Eventually we got it right and everyone was overjoyed when we finally took our first steps!

Unfortunately, most people stumble along like this throughout their lives.

When attending school and university, they may have some more formal methods, but they very seldom develop into a repeatable process - they don't develop a system.

We have recognised this shortcoming and found that even with a great tool like Mind Maps, people still need a system.

Our Learning Management Program has taken various aspects of learning and put it into a program that can be you can adopt in your early teens, but use throughout your lifetime.

Sitting down to study is just the final act of learning. The skills needed to learn consist of far steps than that. The steps are freely available to you on our website. Are you going to adopt them?

We urge you to start spending time learning how to learn. Whether you buy our program or not, you owe it to yourself to put some effort into learning more efficiently.

In this world of information overload, you cannot afford to waste time and effort by learning inefficiently.

Our website has lots of information on using Mind Maps in your daily life to help you in the learning process.

So whether you are at school, university, work or in business, learning how to learn will help you to be more successful.

7. What's coming...

We are developing a new Mind Map Tutor and will reveal more during the course of the month. I am very excited about our next Mind Map Tutor and can't wait to tell you more, but it needs to be developed a bit further before I let the cat out of the bag.

So keep a lookout on our Blog , Facebook and Twitter for information, as it arrives.

8. Communicating with us

We would also love to hear from you, so let us know how your Mind Map efforts are going. You can contact us via our Contact Page, or you can even write your own story and be published on our website.

You can also comment on any of our blog posts. The choice is yours.

Till next time...Start learning how to learn! is built with Site Build It!




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