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1. Welcome

Welcome to the March 2011 edition of the Using Mind Maps Newsletter; the Newsletter that helps you with using Mind Maps in your daily life.

Last month we focused on personal growth and produced a Personal Growth Mind Map Tutor for you to download and use.

This month we focus on sharing your knowledge and the possibilities of making money by sharing your knowledge.

2. News

Google has been punishing many websites by lowering their rankings in Google. The main reason for this has been due to the poor content on the Websites. We are pleased to say that our rankings and growth are still increasing, despite Google's changes.

The reason for this is quite clear; we are delivering good quality, original content for our visitors. And that is exactly what Google wants to deliver to users of their search engine.

Our approach to use Free OpenSource Mind Map Software (Xmind) continues to prove successful. It puts Mind Maps and Mind Mapping into the hands of many more people.

So don't delay. Download Xmind today and start Mind Mapping!

Our Mind Map Tutor concept is now firmly in place and people are willing to pay for the knowledge and frameworks that we provide.

Our premium products, the Learning Management Program and the English Grammar Mind Map Tutor continue to add value to people wanting to learn faster and easier. Both of these are an essential part of your learning toolkit. Having a solid learning process and a good English Grammar tutor are good tools to have when learning just about anything.

Affiliate Program

We are already negotiating with a few Subject Matter Experts on creating Mind Map Tutors as part of our Affiliate Program.

If you are a subject matter expert and think you have the ability to produce a set of Mind Maps on your subject, we can sell it and market it for you using our Franchise Affiliate Program and you keep the rights to distribute yourself if you want to. If you are interested, please feel free to drop us a note using our Contact Form and we will get back to you with the details.

By sharing your knowledge, you can grow personally, help others, and even create a permanent passive income stream.

Take advantage of our growth and expertise in the Mind Mapping and Learning marketplace and start your own online business with hardly any capital outlay.

The concept is simple.

  • You create the Mind Map according to our strict criteria.
  • We market and sell it.
  • You earn immediate passive income.
We welcome any feedback and comments. Please do this via our Contact Form. We will really appreciate it and it will help us to improve both our free and premium products.

3. MindMapTutor Blog

Our Blog,, continues to grow from strength to strength.

You can follow our blog by subscribing via RSS Feed, Email, Facebook, or Twitter to get regular updates. Most of the topics are also highlighted on our Facebook Page, where you can comment instantly and get great feedback from us and others.

Some highlights from our Blog last month:

The Lost Art of Note Taking

Using Mind Maps to Create and Run your own Online Business

Mind Maps and the Secrets of a Mind-Gamer

Simple Mind Map Business Plan

Simple Mind Map Marketing Plan

Are you a Subject Matter Expert?

How to Learn with a Mind Map Tutor

4. Facebook page

Visit Using Mind Maps on Facebook and become a part of our Social Network by simply 'liking' our page.

Facebook is great for updates, as it is unobtrusive and you can give immediate feedback.

Please promote our Facebook Page to you friends and family.

It is a great way for them to stay updated with the latest information on everything you need to know about creating and using Mind Maps to learn faster and easier.

All updates to our site, as well as our blog, are posted to our Facebook Page, so you will always be informed of what's happening.

Make learning and using Mind Maps a part of your Social Experience. In this way learning and growth becomes a natural part of you life and stops being a laborious effort.

As information on Facebook is fed in bite size chunks and you only read what catches your eye, you are in complete control of the situation.

5. Twitter

You can follow me via my personal Twitter account.

I am very active in the online Mind Mapping community, you will get updates and links to important information as I come across it.

Twitter is the fastest way to get information into the market. If you haven't tried Twitter yet, give it a go. The great thing about Twitter is that you only have to read what you want to, as it just gives you the headlines. The information also comes to you, so you are only receiving information that you want to receive.

If you don't like the source - kill it, and it's instantly removed.

Twitter can be a great time saver to give you the information when you want it and how you want it.

We publish all of our Blog feeds to Twitter so that you can simply browse the headlines and only visit the page if you like what you see.

6. Mind Map of the month - Seven Steps to your own online business

It's time to start contributing. If you are enthusiastic and have some Subject Matter Expertise, then read how you can help others and even create a substantial passive income stream.

The first way is easy. You simply create a Mind Map Tutor on your subject and we do the rest. We provide the marketing, the payment processor and the delivery. By using our system, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. There are hungry customers, just like you, looking for ways to learn faster and easier. If you can help them do this, then please Contact Us immediately.

The best way to get started is to ensure that you can learn faster and easier by getting our Learning Management Program and our English Grammar Mind Map Tutor.

Once you have learned how to learn faster and easier yourself, you could then share this knowledge by creating your own Mind Map Tutors and offer them to others via our website.

Using Mind Maps to Create and Run your own Online Business

If you have a passion, or an idea for an Online Business, but don't know how to go about doing this, then start following our Series of articles on Creating and Running your own Online Business.

As usual, you will be able to learn this faster and easier with our upcoming Mind Map Tutor on the subject.

In the meantime, start with our home page for creating an online business and bookmark it.

Over the next few weeks, we will be updating it with links to many useful articles and tips. We will also be giving you a very good idea of the tools that are available to deliver the complete customer experience.

7. What's coming...

As mentioned, we will be expanding on our Online Business Guide by posting lots of information on our Website to help you start and run your own Online Business.

Keep a look out for free information on our Website, our Blog , Facebook and Twitter. Be the first to get updated information as it arrives.

8. Communicating with us

We would also love to hear from you, so let us know how your Mind Map efforts are going. You can contact us via our Contact Page, or you can even write your own story and be published on our website.

You can also comment on any of our blog posts. The choice is yours.

Till next time...Grow by sharing your knowledge is built with Site Build It!




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