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Using Mind Maps, Issue #043 - March 2014 Issue now available
March 08, 2014

Using Mind Maps - Faizel Mohidin

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March 2014 Issue of Using Mind Maps Mag Now Available

Editor’s Note: When is a Mind Map not a Mind Map?

Faizel Mohidin

‘The Mind Mapping Community is still quite young, but it has come a long way since Tony Buzan popularised the term in the 70’s. It has even evolved into something quite different to what he originally imagined. His laws are quite simple and very good. You can produce amazing Mind Maps, if you follow his principles. In fact, my first 100+ Mind Maps followed Tony Buzan’s principles 100%. I wrote about his Mind Mapping principles in an earlier issue and you won’t do any harm by learning and knowing them. Yet, many Mind Mapping experts at BiggerPlate Unplugged Events produce Mind Maps that differ (sometimes radically) from the original Mind Map Principles. These points are often the focus of much, often heated, debate.

Is this good for the Mind Mapping Community?…’

Meet The Experts - Adam Sicinski

Life Skills Coach, Visual Thinker and Inventor of the IQMatrix

‘Adam produces the most amazing and unique Mind Maps, which he calls an IQMatrix. They are available in various formats, including beautiful laminated wall posters. His Mind Maps are great for self-directed learning. We’ve also published many of his articles and some ‘interview’ articles with famous people like Albert Einstein and Walt Disney. Now let’s have a look at an interview with Adam Sicinski…’

Impact Educators - Part 3 - Featuring Lindsey Cranfield

Jamie Nast

‘This is the third article in a series that features educators who are impacting their students for life by teaching them mind mapping and/or using mind maps as a teaching tool. This month I’m introducing Lindsey Cranfield who teaches at Holy Trinity Primary School in West Sussex, UK. This small village school is over 100 years old and has 85 pupils from 4–11 years old. Lindsey teaches the 9–11 year old children. Following is her story and some mind maps from her students…’

Mind Map of the Month - Uses of Mind Maps

Paul Foreman

The Content Dashboard - Lessons Learned

Roger C. Parker - Writing for MindJet

‘I’d like to share some of the lessons I’ve learned during the past 6 months, working with my Mindjet Content Dashboard.

As described in the original article, my goal was to gain more control over my time – in particular, to be able to address several of my perennial frustrations and time-wasters involved when tracking resources like experts, #hashtags, marketing projects, and testimonials…’

SCAMPER Brainstorming Technique

Tarek Fahmy - Licensed Buzan Instructor

‘…SCAMPER is a brainstorming technique that helps spark creativity. It was invented by Bob Eberle , an education specialist and author and noted in his 1971 book, SCAMPER: Games for Imagination Development. Eberle states that much as the word scamper suggests “running playfully about as a child”, the strategy SCAMPER may also evoke the need “to run playfully about in one’s mind in search of ideas” (Eberle, 1984) …’

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Mind Maps - Boundaries

Chuck Frey

‘…If you are sharing a mind map with other people, and want to draw their attention to a specific section of it, a boundary is a good way to do that. But boundaries are often misused. Here are tips on how to utilize them effectively. A boundary visually joins a topic and its subtopics together, usually with an enclosed line and a different background color. It is used to provide emphasis to a section of your mind map, to make it visually stand apart from the rest of its content…’

The Top 7 Reasons Not To Mind Map

Raphaela Brandner - MindMeister

‘… Millions of people already use mind maps to further their productivity, enhance their study efforts, brainstorm and collaborate with others. Their number keeps increasing as more and more people discover the many benefits of mind mapping every day. But still mind mapping is frowned upon by many of us when we first hear about it. We make a face as if to say “Oh please, leave me alone with this nonsense” or produce a reason for why the technique isn’t suitable for our particular needs…’

The 5 Minute Project Plan

Faizel Mohidin

‘…Imagine being the head of marketing. You’ve just been summoned by the boss to talk about a strategy for winning a big account. You didn’t think it was possible to win this account as you thought your competitor had it in the bag. When you get to the bosses office, her secretary tells you that she is in a meeting at the moment and will be ready for you in about five minutes…’

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Using Mind Maps - Faizel Mohidin

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