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Using Mind Maps, Issue #035 - From Idea to Action
July 08, 2013

Using Mind Maps - Faizel Mohidin
July’s Edition of Using Mind Maps Magazine has been published and is ready for download.

I know that I’ve been largely focused on the Magazine the last few months in my newsletter and the magazine is only available on the iPad, but the lessons learned in producing the magazine will be passed on to you.

The process of putting together a high quality magazine has taught me a lot and just reinforced the power of Mind Mapping even more. I used Mind Maps to plan the whole process and design each issue. This can be used for planning and managing any project or creative endeavour.

I've added links to contributing authors below. If any of them are new to you, or you haven't been to their websites recently, it's time to get familiar with the wonderful work they are doing.

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Diverse thinking and approaches can only make you a better Mind Mapper.

Jamie Nast

This month we welcome Jamie Nast, of Idea Mapping Success. She is well known in the Mind Mapping World and has trained over 20 000 people.

She pens the first article in this issue, From Idea to Action, and shows how Mind Mapping can help you take your ideas from a conceptual stage to action.

The article contains useful sample Mind Maps to get you thinking and into action.
Idea Mapping Success

Mind Map Of The Month

Paul Foreman provides the Mind Map of the Month, a beautiful hand drawn Mind Map on a Time to Think.
Mind Map Inspiration

How To Achieve Career Success

Adam Sicinski’s video on How to Achieve Career Success accompanies his article on the subject.

This is the third of a three-part series and will help you to grow and be successful in your career.
How To Achieve Career Success

How to Think Differently About Your Business

Chuck Frey, of the Mind Mapping Software Blog, shows you how to think differently about your business.

Chuck is well known for his creativity and innovative ideas. This article shows you how to explore different ideas in your business with Mind Maps.
Mind Mapping Software Blog

And More...

Mind Mapping Software is covered in Part 2 of Mind Mapping Basics. A good overview of Mind Mapping Software in general is given and links to various common Mind Mapping Software websites are included.

There is something for PC’s, Macs, iOS and Android. So, if you are new to Mind Mapping, or only been Mind Mapping on paper, it’s time to start exploring software.

I also have two articles in the Magazine.

I cover how to Mind Map a Text Book, or any other book. I aptly chose Tony Buzan’s Mind Map Book as the example in the article.

I also introduce Learning Theory and cover Bloom’s Taxonomy (not as complicated as it sounds) in the first article of the series.

If you are a keen Mind Mapper and know of others who could benefit from the magazine, please pass this along, even if you don't have an iPad yourself.

If you don't have an iPad, try to see it on the iPad of somebody that you know. The first issue is free if you subscribe.

And... if you do have an iPad, Get Your Copy Now!

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