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Using Mind Maps, Issue #042 - February 2014 Edition now available
February 09, 2014

Using Mind Maps - Faizel Mohidin

February 2014 Issue of Using Mind Maps Mag Now Available

Meet The Experts

Faizel Mohidin

Our new series, ‘Meet the Experts’, introduces a number of Mind Mapping Masters. They are not only masters because they have mastered the art of Mind Mapping, they have also taught it and even adapted it from the original ideas. By exposing you to their work, you could discover, not only various styles of Mind Mapping, but also many applications. Mind Maps are used in so many different ways, that you could spend a whole lifetime applying it in various facets of your life. Using Mind Maps Magazine brings this all together in one beautiful and easy to use publication, so that you don’t have to spend hours and hours looking for experts and what they are doing. We bring them directly to you.

New Series: Meet The Experts

Chuck Frey

Chuck Frey is the author of The Mind Mapping Software Blog, the leading website focused on visual thinking tools and strategies, including mind mapping, business diagramming, visual marketing, sketching and graphic facilitation. Read more on how he can help you with Mind Mapping Software and how to be more Innovative, Creative and a Visual Thinker…

Learning a Language - Part 2

Raphaela Brandner - MindMeister

Mind maps are great for studying and memorizing, which is why they can make learning a second language easier, faster and a lot more fun. Students of all ages can use this simple technique to memorize vocabulary, learn grammar rules, brainstorm and outline their texts, and summarize books and articles. This is the second part of our series “How to Learn a Second Language with Mind Maps”, which will deal with grammar maps…

Mind Map Of The Month - Sharing Best Practice

Paul Foreman

Collaborative Mind Mapping

Michael Deutch - MindJet

Mind mapping used to be an individual sport. You would simply get started with pen and paper at your desk or with some markers and a white board. Even with software, mind mapping used to be a “productivity secret” that was infrequently shared with others. Recently though, over the last few years, mind mappers have started to emerge and go public…

How to Overcome Obstacles

Adam Sicinski

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”— Frank A. Clark

It’s important to understand that every goal we set naturally comes with a plethora of landmines that are attached to that goal. These land-mines show up in our lives as a set of obstacles, challenges and problems that we must surpass in order to get to our end destination, which is our goal…

NPS: Net Promoter Score

Tarek Fahmy - Licensed Buzan Instructor

How many times has your company tried to accurately measure your customer satisfaction? What has been the success rate in getting accurate response?

Impact Educators - Part 2: Featuring Daniel Weinstein

Jamie Nast

This is the second article in a series that features educators who are impacting their students for life by teaching them mind mapping and/or using mind maps as a teaching tool. This month I’m introducing Daniel Weinstein who teaches AP Language for juniors and Creative Writing for seniors at Great Neck South High School in Great Neck, NY…

Basic Ordering Ideas (BOI’s)

Faizel Mohidin

According to Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, the key to memorising large volumes of information is categories and hierarchies. He calls it Basic Ordering Ideas in ’The Mind Map Book’…

New Book: A Practical Mind Map Tester

Hans Buskes & Philippe Packu

How to add value to mind maps

Whatever you do, ultimately it’s all about value. People don’t buy products with no value. Value is not necessarily about high quality. In the case of a power outage a primitive flashlight has value. It isn’t about high price either… Value is about the relationship between satisfying needs and expectations and the resources required to achieve them …

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